Lesson Fees and General Schedule

Your first lesson - a "meet and greet" is always free!  After that, three 45 minute weekly DUO lessons are a flat fee of $90/month for tuition, plus the cost of books as needed.   The fourth week we have a Piano Party, where we meet in groups of 6 - 8 for an hour to play some fun music learning games, have some informal "recital" time (we share just a little something we've been learning to play with each other - this really helps students get comfortable performing in front of others so recitals are fun and easy!), and then wrap up our hour by exploring some drumming to master rhythm, or an activity based on our monthly theme.

I also charge an annual $20 recital hall fee, due by December 31.  I currently rent the Worship Center at Faith Westwood United Methodist Church in Millard for all recitals.  They are the least expensive location I have found and the space is very nice and accomodating for a recital.  

Lesson books and supplemental music are extra. Lesson/performance books will cost about $25/year.  

Our studio calendar runs from the first week of September through the end of May, with our final recital usually the first weekend in June.  

I also like for the students to share what they are working on with others.  In early December we visit a nursing home or two to play some Christmas music for residents.  We visit again before our June recital to share what we've been working on for the recital!  

I also offer private 45 minute lessons for select students. Cost is $120/month, flat fee.  Music is extra.